Three Stages Until Lasting Freedom

The robin symbolizes growth and rebirth of the spirit. Her red breast symbolizes the life force within. She is perfect for teaching us how to grow beyond where we are and move into a joyful life. Growth does not usually occur overnight; rather it is a slow, challenging process. It is discouraging when the desired results do not manifest immediately. Stick with it, however, and hold the happiness of the robin's song in your heart and mind. Approach life with an open heart, and all the growth and change you crave will come to you in time!


You are with your abuser and don’t know how to leave or if you even should. You want help to explore options and develop a plan for leaving safely and successfully. This is a crisis!

I can help you navigate the obstacles in front of you and develop a strategic plan. Contact me and let’s talk about what’s going on in your life and how I can help you move forward.


  • Receive a free copy of my book God Hates Abuse.

  • Talk confidentially about anything that you want to talk about.

  • Resources and information to help you sort through options.

  • Clarity if you are questioning unhealthy aspects of your relationship. 

  • Help on differentiating the difference between the truly abusive relationship, and what is not abusive and worth trying to save.

  • Safety planning.

  • Collaboration with other helping organizations on your behalf.

  • How to help your kids or someone else you care about.

  • Help in developing an exit strategy.

  • Prayer and spiritual encouragement. If you are fearful of leaving an abusive relationship because you believe God condemns it, let’s talk through your worries and examine Scripture together so you can find peace.

  • Evaluating your Church and their role in what is happening.

  • ***If you are the wife of a religious or community leader and concerned about reaching out to community organizations because of your husband’s position, you may feel better talking to me first. Many leaders wives have and I guarantee confidentiality and privacy. What’s important is to talk to someone! Talking does not commit you to anything but will give you helpful information.


Right after you leave your abuser is the most precarious time. You are at risk of going back for lack of resources. Financial distress is the number one reason victims return to their abuser.

This time is critical for having a plan and accessing all resources available to help yourself and your children to stabilize. A customized plan will set you up for success in the interim between being Trapped and Thriving.

If you are in this phase, I can help you locate resources and develop a strategy. Contact me and tell me what you need the most right now.


You are established with a new abuse-free home and life, but know you aren’t living your best life yet. You are ready to identify your gifts and create the life of your dreams. Let’s talk about your future and how you can start taking steps to get there successfully.