Toxic Relationships: Stop Them From Ruining Your Life!

Are you ready for spring after a long winter? Taffy and I are!

Hi! I'm Robin, and I'm excited you are here. My mom, a bird lover, named me after the Robin bird. I love its symbolism of Spring, new life and opportunity. Who isn't ready for Spring after a season of winter?

Winter time for me feels like being stuck, coping, surviving, and wishing for a breakthrough but not getting it. My kids love winter. To them winter symbolizes fun fun fun! But not me. I'm cold, miserable and STUCK. It doesn't feel like winter will EVER end!

Maybe you feel this way about something in your life. Often feeling stuck involves dealing with a difficult person. Toxic people trap us and then keep us entrenched in their mud - like my kids 4-wheeler getting stuck, spinning its tires, throwing mud all over the pristine snow and digging in deeper and deeper. What a mess and now someone needs to come help get it out of the rut because the problem has gotten too big for them to handle by themselves.

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Toxic Relationships: Stop Them From Ruining Your Life!

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That's what I'm here for, to lend a hand out of the mud of a toxic relationship and to the firm ground of new growth and opportunity. Toxic relationships can be successfully dealt with. In fact, they can actually be the door to the life you really want. Don't waste this season!

I have just launched this eCourse and hope you will take advantage of the many benefits that come with it. I'll share about a harsh season in my life, lessons learned, and how it turned into a beautiful and fulfilling season of growth and new life. Learn the art of thriving in the midst of toxic relationships even when you can't leave.

The eCourse will give you practical tools for gaining awareness and taking back your power and peace so you can love your life again. Plus you will get fun worksheets to gain clarity and momentum. I look forward to meeting you!