Robin Mullins Senger, Executive Director

Robin Mullins Senger, Executive Director

Shaping the future by removing religious misconceptions that prevent women and children from living fulfilling lives free from abuse.

God Hates Abuse Project is a nonprofit entity fiscally sponsored by SocialGood Fund, a 501(c)(3) organization (EIN: 46-1323531).

What the God Hates Abuse Project focuses on:

  • Offers God Hates Abuse book FREE digitally or paperback to anyone who requests it. Currently offered to clients as a religious resource in many domestic violence shelters and national and international organizations serving women.
  • Private crisis support for wives of abusive clergy and community leaders (in partnership with other involved agencies).
  • Exposing spiritual abuse, manipulation and false spiritual authority.
  • Outreach to incarcerated domestic abuse victims.
  • Collaboration with clergy, counselors and other helping agencies to meet the unique needs of faith-based abuse victims and survivors.
  • Assistance starting and maintaining a faith-based domestic abuse support group in your church or community.

Material being developed:

  • 2nd edition of God Hates Abuse book with additional content and exercises for getting unstuck and moving forward out of a crisis.
  • Online course and hard copy facilitators guide for using God Hates Abuse to start faith-based peer support dv groups in your church and community.
  • Renew You! Love Your Life after a Toxic Relationship! Online 3-month course for women who are through their relationship crisis but want help defining and shaping a fulfilling future that celebrates their strength, wisdom and gifts.